A Very Small Detail On A Prominent Western Australian Lawyer s Passport Led To Him Being Detained In Bali Immediately After He Arrived On The Indonesian Tourist Island

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A very small detail on a prominent Western Australian lawyer's passport led to him being detained in Bali immediately after he arrived on the Indonesian tourist island. 
John Hammond flew into Denpasar airport on Sunday and Lawyer istanbul was going through the  immigration process when suddenly a problem with his passport was spotted. 
radio station 6PR got a tip into its breakfast show rumour file that Mr Hammond was using an expired or close to expired passport. 
Lawyer John Hammond (pictured) had just flown into Bali and was going through the immigration process when suddenly a problem with his passport was spotted
But rather than just go with what someone else had said, hosts Steve Mills and Lawyer istanbul Karl Langdon went straight to the source - they phoned Mr Hammond. 
After assuring them he wasn't being held in Kerobokan or any other Bali prison, the lawyer explained what happened. 
'I was herded off to the bowels of the Denpasar airport when it was put to me that possibly my passport was a fake. 
'It had a little tear in it about the size of a thumbnail, and that was the reason, I believe, why I was held with security at the back of the airport,' he said. For more info regarding Lawyer istanbul take a look at the web site.  
An Australian lawyer's damaged passport caused him problems when he arrived in Bali.

Pictured is a woman rowing a traditional boat to Ulun Danu Bratan Temple in Bali
Given how Australians such as convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby have fared in Bali - nine years in Kerobokan - Mr Hammock was fortunate to have been held over a comparably minor incident. 
'I had to read out a statement that I acknowledge that my passport was of poor quality and/or a fake,' he told