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Hello there,

You don’t know me. And I am really sorry to be contacting you in such way… I have been trying to take the situation under control for a while but I don’t know what to do other than to ask for help.

I’m from Ukraine. The region where I grew up in my home town has been pretty much destroyed. It looks like this now:

But I and my girlfriend have evacuated ourselves just in time a while ago. So we are safe.

The problem has been that it’s been really hard for me to get enough work. And we have been struggling to just pay for rent and basic needs.

The worst part is that my girlfriend has a lipoma which needs to be taken care of, so she needs a surgery. Plus she is missing 4 teeth due to Anodontia and it’s really important to get them done sooner rather than later.

We are already in quite a big debt and all the medical bills are in the range of $6k or so.

This is why I’m writing to you. I don’t expect you to open this message, or reply. But in the rare case you do, every bit of money can help a lot right now.

I have a PayPal account: I also have bank (ACH / SWIFT / IBAN) accounts if that works better.

I’m very sorry to be asking you for money. I know the situation in Ukraine must have gotten tiresome for everyone at this point. And everyone has their own problems.

Please reply if you have any questions. If I got on your nerves and caught you in a bad mood with this cold message… please forgive me, and just delete it.

I wish you all the best,